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Go Out

"Let's do something different"

If you've uttered these words, Prioritii is for you.

We actively curate an evolving collection of unique things to do, focusing on creating cool experiences paired with personalised service - all exclusive to Prioritii.

All of our Prioritii experiences and offers are designed to be easily shared with others - both in our chat and outside the app - and can be purchased and booked with a tap. Our concierge service is on hand to assist and it's easy to book a car with Uber integration.

Prioritii is free to use.


It's easy to message friends - with a single tap you can invite anyone from your contacts or Facebook and open a chat.

See a few Prioritii experiences you like? Share them in the chat just like a photo, click for an expanded view, and discuss your plans. Anyone can purchase a Prioritii experience without leaving the screen.


Prioritii is for everyone. Go out with friends, a significant other, or someone new.

To connect with someone new in your area who likes the same Prioritii experiences, enable matching. When there's a mutual match, chat is opened.

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